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[NeoGenesis] Spotless - (Made in Korea)

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[NeoGenesis Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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[NeoGenesis] Spotless – (Made in Korea)


Laser-Free Treatment System to Erase Blemish on your Skin

<Application Areas of Spotless>
- Spotless removes spots on skins such as freckles, granulation, moles and ages spots without bleeding nor scar


- Spotless leads to provide minimal risk of scarring by using a new revolutionary method for moles and skin lesions which may be visually unpleasant.


- By using high frequency radio waves (plasma energy), it vaporizes cells of the mole but minimizing the tissue damages from little to none.

<Product Advantages of Spotless>


- CE Certified

- Easy to Use - Minimal-invasive, painless, no downtime

- Safe and Effective - Removes small blemishes on your skin with RF (Radio Frequency)

- Precise Treatment and Less Pain - Minimal damage on skin texture

- No Downtime- Immediate and permanent effect with one time treatment


- Reasonable Price - Reasonable cost compared to other expensive laser equipment

<Product Information>


- Components: 1 X Case Cover, 1 X Case, 1 X Spotless, 1 X Adaptor, 3 X Tip

- Function: Removes Mole, Freckle, Wart, Skin Tag, Milium, Syringoma

- Stabilized power output



(Tel) +82-2-583-1348 (FAX) +82-2-2038-0848

(Address) #302, E&C Dream Tower, 146, Seonyu-ro,

Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea (07255)



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Beauty Cleanser

Beauty Cleanser