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Omni PRP(60cc)

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The reason why you MUST use Omni PRP

Ideal PRP should have the maximum amount of Platelets and minimum amount of Plasma and RBCs. 
But it is not possible to extract the PRP layer without using a proper PRP kit.

With OmniPRP, however, it is possible to extract only the buffy coat layer, concentrated platelets, with an appropriate amount of plasma and without any RBCs, by only one-time centrifugation, which allows users to treat patients with maximized effect of PRP in the easiest and simplest way.

Furthermore, Omni PRP provides about 7~8 times of concentration ratio, compared to those of other PRP kits (4~6 times)



Special Features of Omni PRP


 - Transparent cylindrical kit  allows a clear visibility and easier extraction

 - The curved neck design reduces the possible cell loss

 - PRP and PPP can be extracted from a single kit by one-time centrifugation

 - High concentration rate of Platelets (about 8 times)

 - Does not use  a needle when collecting PRP or PPP

 - Can control the volume of Plasma according to the treatment plan

 - Closed system to prevent from air contamination possibility

 - Always  yields the maximum amount or PRP regardless of the operator’s skill

 - Competitive price




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Omni PRP_60cc_

Omni PRP_60cc_

Omni PRP_60cc_