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All-in-One Device
Diverse Autologous Cell Therapies.

UNISTATIONTM is a specially designed medical device to satisfy diverse demands for various autologous cell therapies with only one device


Development of UNISTATION™

  • NeoGenesis recruited research and marketing expertise in Adipose Derived Stem Cell field.
  • NeoGenesis successfully developed a technique for preventing contamination possibility entirely.
  • NeoGenesis successfully simplified the entire process of ADSC isolation with lowest consumable costs.
  • NeoGenesis finally developed the simplest and most convenient ADSC isolation device ever, UNISTATION™.
  • NeoGenesis added PRP, PRF isolation, and fat purification function to UNISTATION™.
  • UNISTATION™ is just now developed to satisfy the very needs of many surgeons who have yearned for treating patients with various cell therapies.

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