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[NeoGenesis] Regenovue - (Made in Korea)

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[NeoGenesis] Regenovue – (Made in Korea)

Cross-linked High Quality Hyaluronic Acid Filler (available with or without Lido 9%)


<Application Areas of Regenovue>

Different Particle Sizes Available for different needs

Regenovue Fine – Superficial Wrinkles (Eyes, Sides of Mouth, etc)

Regenovue Deep – Middle Wrinkles, Augmentation (Chin, Worry Lines, etc)

Regenovue Sub-Q – Deep Wrinkles (Side of Mouth, Forehead, Chick, etc)

*** Regenovue Plus – Lido Included and available in all models (Fine, Deep, Sub-Q)


<Product Advantages>

- Consistent injecting pressures For Doctors


- Non-animal based hyaluronic acid
- Long-lasting
- Smooth and non-painful injection
- High Viscosity
- High Hydrophilicity


- Competitive Price Range to its Contenders


<Product Information>


- All Regenovue Series: ISO 13485, GMP, KFDA, CE Obtained


Regenovue (HA Filler - Hyaluronic Acid Filler)
- Monophasic (similar to Juvederm)
- 100% cross-linked with BDDE
- Fine, Sub-Q, and Deep types without lido (1.0mL)
- Fine, Sub-Q, and Deep types with lido (1.1mL – 0.1mL of Lido)





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(Address) #302, E&C Dream Tower, 146, Seonyu-ro,
Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea (07255)