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Neo Thread

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Neo Thread


For Face Contour, Double Chin,
Body Contour (Neck, Breast, Buttock), etc.

NEO Thread induces self-healing process by inserting the suture thread into the skin.
The healing process, in turn, provokes the rejuvenation and overall improvement of the skin!

▶ Anti-Wrinkle/Rejuvenation effects by using NEO Threads’tension
1. FB reaction, aseptic inflammation
2. Increase the neo-collagen synthesis & blood stream

The immune system recognizes an inserted thread as a FB, and tries to protect the body by removing it. This process induces an Axenic inflammatory reaction, Collagen formation, and active blood flow in the dermis. These reactions will eventually provoke the skin enhancement.
In addition, the tension of the thread injection causes lifting effects.

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Neo Thread