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[NeoGenesis] Neo Thread Series - (Made in Korea)

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[NeoGenesis] Neo Thread Series – (Made in Korea)

Induces Self-Healing Process to Provoke Rejuvenation and Improvement of the Skin.


<Application Areas of Neo Thread Series>

- Neo Mono Thread (Mono Filament): Face Contour, Neck, Breast, Buttock.

- Neo Multi Thread (Twin, Triple, Tornado Filament): Improve Deep and Fine Wrinkles

- Neo Cog Thread (Cog, Cobra Filament): Face Contour, Double Chin, Body Contour.

- Neo Combi Thread (Multi Directional): Reduces pain and tissue destruction/bleeding

- Neo Nose Thread (Nose only): Thorn Shaped cogged lifting thead, stimulates healing process to re-shape nose


<Product Advantages of Neo Thread Series>

- CE and KFDA Certified

- Wide Range of Needle Length

- Wide Range of Needle Gauge

- Different Type of Thread USP depending on Type of Neo Thread

- Physical Change: Holding and Lifting Series effect

- No Scar & Quick Recovery

- Powerful Intensity and Durability

- No Edema, Bruises

- Improvement of wrinkles

- Increase in color tone

- Competitive price due to self-production


<Product Information oF Neo Thread Series>


20 pcs/pack, 5 packs/Box = 100pcs/box



(Tel) +82-2-583-1348 (FAX) +82-2-2038-0848
(Address) #302, E&C Dream Tower, 146, Seonyu-ro,
Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea (07255)



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